We will be back real soon!

After a very prolonged absence, we have decided to transfer ownership of all our websites to The Davis Media and Publishing Corporation. As a result, all our sites have been disabled while our new owner decides on the new design and eventually our fate as far as a Website goes. We made this decision based on talks that convinced us of the wisdom of this move. We felt VERY comforable with this decision and we are confident that these sites are now ultimatly in better hands.

We are very sorry for this inconvience and hope you will visit again real soon!

Latest Project 1

Spooks and Saints is coming out soon.

Latest Project 2

Spooks and Saints is coming out soon

Latest Project 3

Spooks and Saints is coming out soon

Meet The Team

  • Bobby D

    Bob is the founder of The Davis Media and Publishing Corporation and also its Chief Strategist. He ends up doing everything that he can't convince others to do. In short, he is the company idiot and cheif lacky. We basicly keep him around because we feel sorry for him.

  • Cherie Davis

    Cherie is the chief motivator. She is really a good motivator. Of course anyone with wildly waving arms and a gun in their hands can be. She took learned her motivation skills from her husband Bob, who is also associated with this company and as mentioned in his bio, the company idiot.

  • Allen Davis

    Allen is the economist of the bunch. He runs the financial side of things which allows his dad, Bob mentioned previously as a member of this team, to continue to spend the family fortune and write strange articles on various websites.

  • Ryan Davis

    Ryan is in charge of Music and Physical Training for the Corporation. He is responsible for the mental state of all the Corporation as well. As a result, he continues to study the affects of music on the human brain, the affect of stress and blood pressure and if it is true that happyness and money are not necessarily connected.

What People Say About Us

  • Don Corleone - CEO - CSO

    It isn't often someone comes to me with a deal I can't refuse. Usually it is the other way around, But the Friars' experience, security, resonable prices and expertice made working with them something no one should be able to refuse.

    I was just telling the family the other night about how much I trusted the Friars. I even sugguested that perhaps I would make an exception to my long standing rule of only letting the family know my business. I have some others to consult with on that topic but feel confident of the Friars loyalty. OF COURSE they also know that if there are loyalty issues, their families would be dining on fish that same night. Since the neighborhood fish store closed, that would make me most disappointed as i would have to find some fish somewhere, but i am sure my trust in the Friar's is well placed.

  • Lex Luther - Cheif Investor and Statigest

    I have looked into the Friars and surmized that this site is of interest. Not only do interesting people visit it, it give me a chance to netowrk. I once thought that I had to do it all alone. I was kind of a control freak, but after spending some time alone, with similar minded people but mostly the friars, I find that if I let others do some of the work, I am free to plan, stragigize and do all the things that i most like to do. Of course there is some supervision required when i work with others. That is where the friars come in. I just give them a job and some money and as a production house they have access to all kinds of resources that frankly i any resources that frankly I don't have time nor desire to develop. With the friars i can, via drones or whatever, have a set of eyes with the ability to checkup and supervise my partners. When i use the Friars, all is well. With others, i have been disappointed and had to take steps. The Friars helped me understand the concept of networking and helped me implement it. They are one of my cheif subcontactors when it comes to filming and recording and I have been VERY satisfied with their work.